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Book consultation with hospitals, doctors, schedule lab tests and appointments with major health experts.

Consult with experienced doctors across 30+ specialities from major hospitals online instantly.

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Healthcare Services

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Metzee partners with an array of healthcare related service providers to offer you trustworthy, high quality, reliable and affordable healthcare options. We thoroughly vet, review, verify and background check every provider we partner with. We offer upfront pricing without surprises and hidden fees.

amblance booking

Connect Ambulance

Book an ambulance instantly during an emergency.

appointment booking

Online Consultation

Don't underestimate even a mild fever. Consult a doctor online for a proper diagnosis & follow the advice. Book an appointment now!

online homecare services

Homecare Services

Schedule a homecare service such as lab test or health checkup from the vast packages and know your health risks and stay immune against diseases.


How to find a good doctor or hospital or other services offering their services with us? You can choose a consultant that are registered with us who provide valuable advice and best in class solutions to your health problems. Talk to them and describe your issues rest assured you will get a detailed explanation and medication.

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Dcotor Consultation

About Us

Using Metzee app you can easily:

- Schedule appointments

- Consult with health experts

- Get medical advice via video call

- Get medicines delivered at your doorstep

- Get schedule reminders & personalized health information

In the midst of our busy schedules, we frequently delay or neglect our healthcare goals. At Metzee, our focus has been to offer healthcare related products and services that are convenient and readily available. Use our products and services to get back on track with your healthcare and fitness goals.

About Metzee

Our Team

The goal of IT in Healthcare is to provide better care for patients. Through our services, we allow experts to make healthcare more driven and effective than it has ever been. With a combined 5 decades of experience, our dynamic and skilled team has committed in providing quality healthcare service with the help of our world-class services in collaboration with major hospitals, doctors, home care services and more.

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